Silhouettes for Winter

January 13, 2014
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Silhouettes for Winter

Silhouettes for Winter

We all want to stay ahead of the trends, right? Well if you don’t have tickets for the New York Fashion week, here are some tips on the silhouettes that we will be seeing this season. And don’t you think they would all look great with one of our clutches?

The fit and flare silhouette is a popular one for this winter. As the name suggests, this silhouette usually fits on the top half and flares out towards the bottom. When it comes to style tips for winter, wear this trend in the form of a peplum top, full-skirted dress, or fluted skirt.

Large Lapels are making a comeback from the 1970s. Oversized buttons and button holes are long due for a real mass revival. 

Capes and Panchos are also slowly making a comeback. And these are the the capes from the 1990s, they are new and re-imagined to bring fashion the forefront of this shape. 

Winter Wasteline is curved with a peplum, refined seaming, and softly cinched with a beautiful belt. Fashion designers are highlighting this areas with extra deep styling of bows and buttons. 

Minimallist, frill free, simple, and plain. Spare but well-cut pieces especially coats and jackets. All in neutral, subtle and expensive tones that flow from winter to spring. 

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